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Visit to Real Alcázar of Seville

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Visit to Real Alcázar of Seville

Leisure and turism


Don't miss this unique opportunity to enjoy the best of Sevilla!

Explore a Spanish royal palace UNESCO World Heritage dating back to the Muslim conquest.

What will I find?

Built over 500 years and influenced by both the Córdoba Caliphate and Christian monarchs, the Alcázar features an extremely diverse architectural style. Despite this diversity, one element persists: the constant search for beauty.

Beyond its lush gardens and impressive patios, the palace stands out for its tiled altarpieces that serve as frames for the tapestries. You'll have the opportunity to appreciate all of this firsthand with a timed entry that will allow you to avoid the long lines.

Moorish-influenced arches, ornate ceilings that will leave you in awe, and a multitude of pavilions to explore await you at this sprawling palace complex.

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What's included?

  • Entrance to the Real Alcázar of Seville
  • Access to the Palaces and Gardens

Practical info

Instructions - Skip the ticket office at Patio de Banderas and go directly to the access for tickets purchased online at Puerta del León. - Please note that during peak season, you may have to wait a bit in line for security reasons. - If the selected time slot is not available, you will be assigned the next available one.

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